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Capri, surrounded by its crystal blue seas, is more than just a dramatically beautiful, flower-covered island. It is a picturesque paradise with a mythical charm. Its breathtaking landscapes and beauty stretch from its rocky caves to its winding green hills that look out on the horizon, and has been an inspiration to poets, lovers and travelers throughout history.Over the centuries, voyagers, emperors and celebrities have all fallen under the spell of this extraordinary gem. The color of the sparkling water, the captivating scent of the blossoming flowers, and the mystique of the hidden grottos make it easy to understand why so many have been enchanted by the small island.

In the 1940’s, this island was a haven for Hollywood’s crème de la crème, as well as many other illustrious figures, who came to spend their days leisurely relaxing in the simple yet stunning setting. These years of “La Dolce Vita” lifestyle were of great creative importance. The elegant and natural ambiance of Capri influenced a distinct style associated with the island and its chic visitors.It is here, in 1947, that the first Chantecler boutique opens, presenting jewels that embody the rich colors, sights, and passions of this unique location and moment in history. The brand’s playful mix of originality and fine craftsmanship won over the international jet-set divas who regularly visited the island during that period. Celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Audrey Hepburn, and Ingrid Bergman fell in love with Chantecler jewellery, helping to spread its fame throughout the world.

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Since 2002, the joyful spirit of Capri’s finely crafted jewerly has been a part of Milan, in the lovely Chantecler boutique located on Via Santo Spirito. Here, one can find unique pieces, each with its own timeless style and wistful combination of materials and stones that truly capture the island’s aura of magic. With flagship boutiques in Capri, Cortina, Tokyo, and Astana, Chantecler now continues to expand its passionate vision East with a sixth location in Hong Kong.


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Though Capri might still be bathed in warm sunlight, at this time of year Milan’s temperature is dropping and the leaves on the trees are falling, signaling the beginning of the Christmas season, and even more so, of all the tradition and magic that is associated with the winter holidays. To welcome the winter season, Chantecler brings more of Capri to Milan by introducing a new collection inspired by the colorful flowers of the island. The aptly named ‘Paillettes’ collection makes every day a good day to sparkle with radiance. Elegant yet playful, the pieces can be worn at all times and on all occasions.

Schermata 11-2456972 alle 12.27.08 Chantecler’s expertise is most truly expressed in the imcomparable pieces of its High Jewelry collection. These gold and stone encrusted masterpieces exalt the timeless beauty of the materials used, particularly the diamond, queen of all precious stones. From Marilyn Monroe to Liz Taylor, women’s love affair with diamonds has spanned the decades. Bright, brilliant, sparkling diamonds have inspired us for generations: their rarity, their value, the delicate way they reflect light. And of course, the stone’s enduring appeal is not only aesthetic, it holds symbolic meaning of love, literature, and life. So of course it’s no surprise that during the Christmas season, the allure of finding that perfect diamond ring or bracelet, that perfect symbol of love and eternity, becomes that much more appealing.

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