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5 Reasons to Stop Buying Retail Suits


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It seems that more and more men these days are turning to custom tailored clothing instead of buying ready-made suits at a retail establishment. When you get your suits and other clothing tailored to your specific body type, you are ensuring you will have a comfortable fit. Bespoke is the process of having a tailor, such as Prata & Mastrale, cut and fit your suits to your exact specifications. This is all done by hand and ensures the suit looks spectacular when compared to a ready-made retail garment. There are several reasons that having a suit tailored rather than buying a ready-to-wear.

  1. An Array of Options

Men like to have options and customized suit tailoring will provide you with just that. First, you get your choice of fabric and patterns options so you can choose the one that suits you best. You also have your choice of cut when it comes to tailoring. This means that you get several measurements done so you end up with the exact cut for your body type.

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  1. Just the Right Fit

When it comes to retail suits, you rarely can walk into a store and fit a suit that fits you perfectly. Also, the majority of suits in a retail store are plain and basic. When you head to a tailor such as Prata & Mastrale, there is a process that you go through to get the perfect fit. First, you find the right fabric and pattern that you want for your suit. Discuss with your tailor what you want in a suit. You can bring photos or anything else that you want to give the tailor some guidance.

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  1. The Best First Impression

The first impression is always the one that people will remember about you and your clothing. You only get one time to make a first impression so do it right with a tailored suit. Everything from your pants to your shirt to your jacket is made especially for you. Your jacket will be tailored so your shoulders are accentuated and your pants will hug your body yet not be too tight.

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  1. Unique Style

The great benefit of having a tailored suit is that no one else will have the same one as you. You can ensure your suit will reflect your style and swagger.


  1. Peace of Mind

There is nothing better than having peace of mind about your own style of clothing. Instead of rushing out to get a retail suit before an important event only to find out it doesn’t fit right, you can take your time to ensure the suit is custom made just for you.



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