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An eye for exploring the wonders of crystallography. Lukas Wegwerth

Schermata 01-2457035 alle 10.52.42Over the years, the London based Gallery Fumi has presented a series of fresh and innovative designers to the art scene. These artists play with forms, materials, and functionality to create pieces that walk the line between pure aesthetic and practical function. Among the many intriguing pieces on display, the Crystalization  project of Berlin based artist Lukas Wegwerth particularly stands out.

Schermata 01-2457035 alle 10.38.43Wegwerth uses a series of broken crystal vases, and then encrusts them with various beautiful glittering crystals to artfully patch up and repair the many cracks and crevices. These vases can’t in fact be considered repaired, or returned to their original state, but rather become new objects that have fresh aesthetic appeal and meaning, they contain the memory of their prior form, but the sparkling crystals that ‘heal’ the various cracks give the new piece an almost poetic and nostalgic glamour.

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Wegwerth has an eye for exploring the wonders of crystallography, and incorporates its effects into inspired designs. The materials used become reconstructed into a new context. Imagination and craftsmanship combine with technological advancements to incorporate the gemstone not only as a natural rarity, but also as a man-made and controlled work of art. It’s no wonder that Wegwerth’s work Crystallization  in now in ‘GEMVISIONS’ TREND DIRECTIONS 2016 by SWAROVSKI GEMSTONES. Gem Visions embraces the dynamic design directions that talented and passionate experts have explored in order to incorporate fascinating geological materials and minerals into a multitude of creative visions. They cultivate a renewed interest in traditional gems and rare stones and explore ways to use them in new and appealing contexts.

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Lukas Wegwerth’s geologically inspired Crystallization  collection is now on display at Gallery FUMI.


Gallery FUMI London
16 Hoxton Square
London, N1 6NT 
United Kingdom

by appointment only 
UK +44 (0)20 7490 2366

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