Chantecler: The History of One Campanula


For more than a half century history the jewellery brand Chantecler has collected in its treasury a great number of fascinating stories and legends related to famous people of “sweet life” of the last century. It is no wonder, after all, among the admires of the jewelry house there were Jacqueline Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Ingrid Bergman. Each of them certainly had a Chantecler’s campanula in the jewel box. And it appeared, as it often happens, by pure chance.


It was the period of 1945. Salvatore Aprea and Pietro Capuano, two friends, decided to unite their passion for the jeweller’s art and to open a small jewellery workshop in Capri, their native island. Pietro Capuano was a cheerful person and a well-known dandy; in Capri they called him just Chantecler – as the main character of Edmond Rostand’s play. A rooster Chantecler, who sings at dawn, is an image of vitality, courage and humour. So was Capuano. Thus the jewellery brand of Salvatore and Pietro derives its name.


In the same year, in honor of the end of the Second World War, two friends determined to present to the President Roosevelt a bronze cast campanula as a symbol of peace. In ancient legends of Capri it was a campanula that symbolized good luck and prosperity. The President liked the gift so  much that they even say he never left and always carried it with him as an amulet.


Some years later, after this remarkable gift, Aprea and Capuano decided to reproduce the campanula in their jewellery. Immediately it captured the hearts of Hollywood stars who already at that time esteemed highly Capri. So in this way the story of the precious Chantecler’s campanula started and continues for more than sixty years.


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