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Christmas in St.Petersburg with Cartier

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Celebrated for its European style, famed theaters, captivating museums and stunningly preserved palaces, St. Petersburg is more than just a city that revels in its ancient history. Russia’s most historic metropolis is also very progressive, with chic restaurants, inventive galleries, and world-class shops that fill the historic exteriors of the gorgeous gilded buildings.

Travel to St. Petersburg during the Christmas holidays, or to ring in the New Year, and be prepared to be seduced by enchanting views of frozen canals, glittering palaces, and snowflakes that sparkle in the sun. Stroll over graceful bridges and discover a city glowing with snow-blanketed parks and hundreds of unique architectural monuments. Better yet, leisurely walk the famed Nevsky Prospekt, stopping in the elegant shops to warm up, and possibly even find the perfect holiday gift for that special someone.

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The evocative Russian winter charms with its glittering beauty and refined atmosphere: enter the elegant Cartier boutique located in the heart of St. Petersburg, on Nab. Reki Moiki, and be prepared to find the same seductive beauty that the city itself encapsulates. The Cartier luxury brand passionately reflects an appreciation for exquisitely designed luxury, presenting rare, unique stones in stunning settings.

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This winter, the luxury brand dazzles clients with the creation of a new collection of High Jewelry: The Cartier Royal Collection. The inspired design of the collection incorporates the highest quality gems and cuts that result in pieces that are truly spectacular. The eclectic Cartier Royal High Jewelry sparkles with the same elegance and passion as the very city that hosts this refined boutique.


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At the Cartier boutique of Nab. Reki Moiki, gems and pearls, brilliant diamonds, and precious stones are all crafted in the grandest of jewelry making traditions, and can be custom ordered just in time for the holidays. If you want to plan in advance to find an exquisitely unique piece, Cartier offers expert guidance in choosing the perfect stones and settings in order to customize a truly one of kind jewel that will be treasured forever. When shopping the magical streets of this spectacular city, entrust the experts of Cartier to guide you in creating a piece that is sure to dazzle this Christmas.

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