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Destination: YOUTH


As you get older, it is important to help protect your skin and reduce the first signs of aging so you look younger longer. During the summer months, sun exposure and high temperatures can cause skin damage, creating a blotchy and uneven skin tone. As the seasons change, harsh winter weather dries out your skin, making it dull and flaky. On top of it all, the stress of everyday life, exposure to pollution, and skimping on sleep can make skin look further tired and aged.



To combat and even reverse these signs of aging, it is important to keep skin toned and mousturized, and to nourish it with products that are high in vitamins and anti-oxidants.The most obvious part of an anti-aging skincare routine is finding effective products that can make a huge difference in maintaining a youthful glow all year round. The problem is that there are tons of skincare products that claim to fight wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin.

Here is where the skin care line x115 comes in. The majority of anti-aging cosmetics on the market fail to satisfy expectations in properly nourishing and revitalizing the skin’s various needs. x115 is a revolutionary formula developed by Elio Enrico O., renowned in the field of anti-wrinkle solutions, who uses his years of expertise to create a new generation treatment. Various revolutionary peptides are included in the ingredients, helping to reproduce the same lifting effects as botulinum. The formula is also enriched with powerful anti-oxidants, the skin’s major defense against free radicals and stress. Vitamins A,C,and E, and lipoic acid are other crucial components in fighting photo-aging and environmental damage. Argan oil and hyalironic acid hydrate the skin, plump wrinkles, and give it a toned and luminous glow. By balancing the perfect combination of innovative ingredients, the product combats skin aging from various points of view, giving visible results that are a much simpler alternative to treatments such as botulinum. A groundbreaking formula in skin repair and rejuvination, it is easy to see how years of research have made this cosmetic a must-have beauty secret in the world of skincare.


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