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The world of oxygen therapy has been around for centuries. It is well known for being an effective form of alternative medicine that has been used for everything from headache relief to a possible cure for cancer. The idea behind oxygen therapy is that it introduces substances to your body which are intended to release oxygen. This extra oxygen is intended to get rid of the cells that cause diseases. Hydrogen peroxide and ozone are the two most common compounds that are used in oxygen therapy.

Many of the products at Ozonopatia are patented by Professor Marianno Franzini- the president of the Scientific Society for Oxygen Therapy and  an expert in the field of oxygen, ozone therapy and phlebology.  He has also been a member of the Scientific Committee CTS since 2004 in the area of complementary medicine.

Ozonopatia produces a number of products: facial mask, face cream based on unique formula, body oil, soap and even toothpaste with oxygen-ozone. Guess, destination Youth is one step closer from now on.

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