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Distinctive and original. Baltazar Cherry Couture

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One must admit, these days it is difficult to be surprised by fashion shows and new brands. However, the first time the collection of young and incredibly talented designers Baltazar Cherry hit the catwalks, it was clear that these guys have great potential.

The brand name itself is intriguing. The name Baltazar is associated with a demonic creature of Jewish mythology, and Cherry resonates with the French word ‘Cheri’ meaning cute, or beautiful. It alludes to a curious mix of something both angelic and devilish.

Indeed, the Baltazar Cherry collection is very eclectic. Bright and bold sexy dresses, vintage corsets, lush crinoline skirts with deep cuts, decorations with feathers and jewels – very much in the spirit of the burlesque early collections of John Galliano. So of course the idea of meeting these two designers sparks one’s curiosity. It turns out that behind the mysterious name Baltazar Cherry are two creative designers: Zaven and Timur.

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Tell me about the name of your brand? How did you come up with it, and what does it mean?


We really liked the name Baltazar – it gave an impression of energy and power, and even of something a little diabolical. In the things we create there is a lot of charisma and spark, even magic – all of this is connected to the name Baltazar. In order to balance it we added “Cherry” – something light and flirty. The result was a catchy name that stands out.


Baltazar Cherry’s style is very distinctive and original, who is the type of woman that you create clothes for? How would you describe her?


The problem with many modern women is that they are in a constant race, they trust their style shopper, causing them to lose their individuality. Our heroine is emotional and feminine, she loves herself and gives love to others. In modern fashion there is not much femininity. You know, a real, genuine beauty, a retro style reminiscent of the 50’s. We want to show a new interpretation of this femininity, in the spirit of today.

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Who is the epitome of Baltazar Cherry’s style?


Monica Bellucci and Sofia Loren. They are the standard of femininity and charm. And of Russian celebrities, probably Kandelaki and Ksenia Sobchak – strong women who are not afraid of difficulties and who are able to get of tight situations with dignity.


Luxurious evening dresses are a hallmark of Baltazar Cherry. Do you only work with haute couture or do you also create prêt-a-porter collections?


We like to see our collection as the epitome of chic fashion, and this is, above all, haute couture. However, haute couture is a limited sector, and we want to design clothes for all sorts of women. Therefore, we recently have launched a line of prêt-a-porter.

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In your models, you use very original and unusual materials: for example, a mysterious piece made from algae and cork fabric. Tell me, what is it?


A fabric whose fibers resemble silk is boiled, it is created from actual algae and only has natural colors. Cork tissue is obtained by finely chopping cork, it allows you to keep a rigid form that is necessary for corsets, hems, and accessories. We also use an emery cloth. Giuseppe Zannotti applies it in making shoes, we are the first to use it in tailoring. We also actively use gems: phianites, topaz, and rhinestones instead of beads.


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Zaven is originally from Armenia, and Timur from Georgia. Do these Oriental roots influence the fashion you create?


Certainly. Our countries’ people are inherently emotive, similar to the Italians. We, as Italians, very clearly understand what we want to see in a woman.

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Do you plan to participate in fashion week? Or maybe collaborate in theater and art projects?


If we’re talking about fashion week, then we are more focused on Europe. But to create costumes for Russian theater would be a very interesting experience.





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