Festive in Florence: Celebrating Orthodox Christmas (Part 1)

On January 7, 2016, the city of Florence was exquisitely illuminated with the celebration of Orthodox Christmas. The event, which was organized by Mila’s Luxury Atelier, in collaboration with the Lungarno Collection hotels, was attended by guests from all over the world: America, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Ambassadors from the show-business field—including designers, architects, artists, IT branch representatives, businessmen, and politicians—were among the list of invitees.



Mila Anufrieva, Elisa Piccini


The event organizers worked diligently to capture the incandescent, deeply heartwarming spirit of Christmas by thoroughly and attentively compiling the evening’s program. As per their wonderful artistic choice, the evening was magnificently initiated with lunch at the Ponte Vecchio. The meal was served at the luxury boutique of the jewelry house of Fratelli Piccini—guests were granted the pleasure of marveling at the House’s familial jewels in several intermissions between the courses.




The Piccinis are a well-known Florentine family, which has been crafting awe-inspiring jewelry for the last 112 years. The boutique is located in the very heart of Florence, on Ponte Vecchio, and is considered a significant local monument.


Mila Anufrieva, Laura Piccini


Coralie, Elisa Piccini

The atmosphere at lunch was incredible, in accordance with the devotion of the warm hosts and enthusiastic guests. The hostess, Laura Piccini, presented herself as an enticing conversant and engaging, adventuring virtual tour-guide across the city of Florence.



Deep-felt gratitude to Chef Peter Brunel, for the creation of a superb lunch menu, no less grand in stature and creativity than the abovementioned jewels. The Tuscan chef is famous for his outstanding culinary abilities, which—in spite of his young age—have already earned him a Michelin star.


Peter Brunel


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