Fratelli Piccini and Patek Philippe – Under the sign of Red Touch!


There are not so many events which can endlessly impress you and take your breath away. However, if we speak about the annual evening organized by Fratelli Piccini together with Patek Philippe we must add that this event has become a symbol of an endless  Red Touch attraction.


Patek Philippe is known for being firstly appeared as the brand in Italian market by the hand of Fratelli Piccini and since this moment every year one spring evening is dedicated to this collaboration between brands. The evening held under the names of two large and well- known luxurious companies is always held in the poetically- Florentine style. Only the Piccini family` s friends and clients for many years are the guests of this occasion treated as the meeting between the people who hold dear the family values and love for precious stones, materials and watchmaking.





Fratelli Piccini itself is a unique brand dating back to 1903, when in the house number 21/23 in Ponte Vecchio brothers Piccini established their long and colorful history which has seen as ups as downs around their steps into the world of jewelry fashion. Now, Fratelli Piccini remained as a sign of Florence, her history and atmosphere including into itself the feeling of the city standing in the Arno river and the most valuable things in life as family and love.


Piccini family


Elisa Piccini and Mila Anufrieva 


Prince Soldano Kunz D’Asburgo Lorena and Mila Anufrieva 

Patek Philippe in this year`s celebration demonstrated fabulously unique model of new watches- Le Ore del Mondo referenza 5930G which became the center of the evening and its attention. Tribute to infinite luxe and promise to be the best- Patek Philippe and Fratelli Piccini has reached the highest level of the collaboration which this year took place in the walls of the La Stazione Leopolda- former train station in Florence.


The most elegant guests sharing the brands` philosophies for years, remarkable location, bright as stars jewels and watches and the feeling of history and family warmth- this is what the Fratelli Piccini and Patek Philippe wanted to bring through the evening under the color of Red; through the evening giving the idea what really values.


Mila Anufrieva and Gucci family 







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