FUMI Gallery wows again with its group exhibition

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This month the acclaimed FUMI Gallery wows its London public with the opening of a group exhibition, showcasing new works by artists and designers such as Max Lamb, Faye Toogood, Simon Klenell, Brooksbanks & Collins, Federico Uribe, Sam Orlando Miller, Zoe Ouvrier, Lukas Wegwerth, Studio Markunoika, Rowan Mersh, and Alex Hull.

Since it first opened its doors in 2008, Gallery FUMI has been an establishment of London’s art scene, presenting new and avant-garde shows that are a breath of fresh air in the world of design. The new exhibition of works reaffirms that the gallery directors, Valerio Capo and Sam Pratt, continue to be drawn towards imaginative and unconventional pieces that stretch the boundaries of the imagination, incorporating materials and forms in ways that are refreshing and unexpected.

FUMI Gallery’s group exhibition provides a platform for both emerging and established designers to feature their work. From colorful glass sculptures to marble and metal furniture, the artists represented in this new exhibition highlight the gallery’s eye for unique, limited edition pieces, pieces whose roles seem to fluctuate between purely aesthetic and efficiently functional.

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Markunpoika’s pieces reflect a connection between the physical, material world and the ephemeral nature of the human spirit. As the past and present are transient temporal states that can’t be physically preserved, humans keep memories alive by projecting them onto objects that have a special meaning to them. These possessions then become symbols representing these precious fleeting moments of life. Made of sturdy tubular steel that seems to be slowly fading away, vanishing from the inside out, Markunpoika’s piece reflects the fragility and delicately bittersweet beauty of the human condition.

Schermata 12-2457001 alle 11.16.12Colombia born Federico Uribe lives and works in Miami, where he delves into his passion for sculpture and paint, blending everyday objects in unexpected and colorful ways. Though surprising and unconventional, his eye for beauty and symmetry highlight his ties with the formal history and tradition of classical art. At first glance this multicolored piece looks like a balanced and solid sculpture, but upon closer inspection is actually a lively construction made solely of pencils. These seemingly banal, everyday objects are reinterpreted to create a surprising and playful result.

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Simon Klenell has always had a passion for exploring established perceptions of aesthetic expressions. His glass sculptures take an ordinary or even iconic object, for example the simple glass vase, and plays with its forms, altering it into a seductively beautiful and even subtly bizarre new interpretation of this well-established object. In this case, he literally and figuratively turns the piece upside down, shifting the meaning and purpose of what we consider the conventional glass vase


Gallery FUMI London
16 Hoxton Square
London, N1 6NT
United Kingdom




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