Each October, design enthusiasts and afficionados of London’s art scene flock to Berkeley Square to explore PAD, London’s leading fair for 20th century art and design. From the 15th to the 20th of the month, this renowned fair provides a setting for noteworthy international galleries to showcase a dynamic array of some of the most sought after and iconic pieces found in today’s design and arts market. Amidst this eclectic setting, interior designers and art connoisseurs mingle with curious admirers, all with the same purpose of exploring the impressive collection of works provided by some of the most select galleries of Europe, North America, and Asia.

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The FUMI Gallery, a London fixture of the international design scene, has presented various ground-breaking shows over the years. This year the gallery will showcase a variety of both emerging and established designers, including Johannes Nagel, Lukas Wegwerth, Brooksbank and Collins, Faye Toogood, Tuomas Markunpoika, Max Lamb, Sam Orlando Miller, Alex Hull, Jeremy Wintrebert, Rowan Mersh, Glithero and Zoe Ouvrier. An eclectic presentation of experimental materials and techniques, the array of works displayed are noted not only for their sculptural and at times unconventional aesthetic, they still maintain a functionality and purpose that further adds to their allure within the world of interior design.

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Faye Toogood is a British designer whose highly sculptural furniture and handmade objects highlight a fascination with materiality and texture. There is a candid and organic quality to the irregular forms that play on the natural texture and irregularities of the materials used. A suprising mix of practical functionality and raw aesthetic give her pieces a fresh appeal.

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A multi-media sculptor, Rowan Mersh explores form and beauty by experimenting with often seemingly common textiles, transforming ordinary materials into remarkable works of art and design. Tactile and textured, his pieces make a strong visual impact.

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Glithero is a design team composed by British designer Tim Simpson and Dutch designer Sarah van Gameren. From their London based studio they fabricate unique works and installations that emphasize the inital process of creating a piece of furniture. The pictured piece from the the Les French series can in fact be considered an ‘ode to the prototype,’ the seemingly delicate structure of bamboo bound by string is put through a process called loss material casting, creating a solid bronze base that looks strikingly fragile yet sturdy at the same time.

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‘Easy Chair’ by Alex Hull highlights the furniture designer’s passion for working with natural materials. The traditional wet leather moulding technique requires much time and patience, and the natural vegetable tanned leather develops a different color and patina over time, making each chair unique and ever-changing.

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From his Paris based studio, Jeremy Wintrebert uses his extensive knowledge of glassblowing techniques to create unique sculptural forms. His ‘Clouds’ installation is both playful and ethereal, a modern approach to the historic European art of blowing glass.

Gallery FUMI London
16 Hoxton Square
London, N1 6NT
United Kingdom

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