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Gallery Fumi’s big plans. Design Days Dubai 2015.

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2015 looks to be a big year in the world of design, with an array of exciting events and exhibitions to keep even the most avid design devotee busy. And of course, where there’s a stimulating event, there’s Gallery FUMI. Always on the move, Gallery FUMI has big plans for 2015. Coming up, the groundbreaking London-based gallery will exhibit at Design Days Dubai, a high-profile international event taking place from March 16th – 20th.


Design Days Dubai is the leading fair in the Middle East and South Asia, dedicated to showcasing limited edition design pieces and collectables. International designers and galleries from across the world come here to present their latest creations.


This year, Sam Orlando Miller’s jewel-like blue patinated  mirror will be among the handful of up-and-coming design pieces to display the imaginative aesthetic and hands-on craftsmanship that has given Gallery FUMI its stellar reputation.

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Markunpoika’s Engineering Temporality cabinet will surely be a big hit, a unique piece that seems to play on the contrast between the cold, solid metal and the soft light that shines through its ethereally crafted steel tubing.

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The light brown Split Armchair designed by the talented Alex Hull showcases the furniture designer’s passion for working with natural materials. The handcrafted method used to create the chair makes it a truly unique and inimitable piece.


Faye Toogood’s Bronze Bowl highlights the designer’s knack for experimenting with materials and textures. The irregularly sculpted bronze conveys a sense of natural rawness, where bold aesthetic meets candid functionality.

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