Heir of Ferre

Gianfranco Ferre was called the master of Italian style and the architect of fashion. With his departure ended a whole time. Fortunately, the Italian land is rich in talents, and today the tradition of the masters of art and sartorial – Ferre and Capucci – is represented by young Italian designers, headed by Mario Costantino Triolo.


Looking at this discreet and shy young man, it is hard to imagine Mario Costantino Triolo as the heir of the creative Ferré, who created unique architectural fashion collections. Mario is native of Calabria, the Italian region known for its rich traditions of hand embroidery. The talent of Mario could not go unnoticed: recently, the National Chamber of Fashion Calabria awarded him as “Master of Arts” for special achievements in the field of high fashion. Mario became the youngest designer to be awarded with this prestigious award.


A bit futurist, a bit bohemian artist, Mario creates outfits with iconic silhouettes playing with a complex architectural cut and fancy volumes, making each dress a work of art worthy of the museum halls. His laconic and noble reticence is manifested in the choice of color palette – all creations of the couturier are exclusively made in black and white. At the same time, his passion and talent is shown in futuristic geometries of couture, like in the case of luxury and elegant evening gowns and cocktail dresses. Particular attention is paid to the decorations of the pieces created. Continuing the tradition of Calabrian embroidery the designer gives them a new reading. For example, Mario uses embroidery thread silver 925, which is specially created for his studio jewelers. Of these precious yarns born bizarre geometric patterns and floral motifs branded Mario – patterns of wild ivy and ferns.



Mario’s capsule collection “Following10For”, presented in the throne room of the Palazzo Faletti during the week of haute couture Alta Roma last year, created a furor. Approaching Roman fashion week, his talent once again impressed the audience. Of course, you’re the first to know about the collection of Mario..


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