Isabella Caposano: “My dresses are dreams which were realized”


Isabella Caposano

How was such a beautiful project born?

(Laughs) It all started with a dream. Each of us in childhood has a dream, and I was just very lucky that right now I can bring it to life. In every woman lives a little girl who dreams of a luxurious princess, which is sure to be the most the most – the most beautiful, the most seductive, the most elegant. I had a lot to experience in life, before becoming who I am today. Today I am really happy and I believe in my own ability and power, and the creation of each new collection of dresses I want to convey the main idea are women can and should be happy and contented herself.



What is unique about your dress?

Each dress – is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. That is, a woman wearing a dress by Isabella Caposano not she doesn’t risk to found another one. Every piece is unique. Almost all the work is done by hand in our workshop: treatment of details, embroidery, decoration. I choose only exclusive fabrics, sophistication and quality is undeniable.

The whole world knows how talented Italian people, especially when it comes to art, fashion and design. Our craftsmen possess unique technologies of cutting and sewing, which are transmitted from generation to generation as a precious heritage. We have always been at the top of the fashion Olympus, we will first create new styles, new collection, set the direction of fashion and always remained a recognized standard of quality and exquisite taste.



What inspires you? How does come ideas for new collections?

Of course, I am inspired by my land, my roots. The place where I was born and where I live. In each dress, which is created in the studio, I put the emotions that cause the sound of the waves, shades of sea and sky, tart aromas of flowers, pirouettes forest fairies. Each dress – it’s a living, heartfelt emotion.

When you open to the world, the ideas come from everywhere. Every nuance can become the main theme of the new collection. I am inspired by the beauty, no matter who or what is its source. It can be heard the phrase, a ray of sunshine, a smile of a loved one, seen from the car window scenery. For example, the new collection was inspired paintings by Giovanni Boldini, the women in the paintings of that incredibly feminine dresses and outfits, and seem so real that even be seen as moving silk flounces.



What are your ambitions on the new collection? How do you see the brand in five years?

I dream only of a better future for the brand, we have big plans that are coming – the presentation of the new collection in Paris. And in five years we plan to take a stable position in a niche on couture oriented, open studio in Milan and sell collections around the world.


What is she, a woman who chooses a dress from Isabella Caposano?

She is happy – this is the main condition. This is a woman who is not afraid to be herself, which is not afraid of her femininity and sexuality. A woman who chooses dress by Isabella Caposano – emotional and romantic, but at the same time stands firm feet on the ground and knows precisely what she wants from life. This is a woman who goes to her goal and every day is challenging herself.


Isabella Caposano



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