Luxury Palace Firenze, 22-23 of April

And so the first issue of the international fashion-design Luxury Palace Firenze comes to a close. Me and my partners Bona M. Bonarelli and Barbara Ricci have something to truly be proud of, as the event was a big success. Under one roof, we managed to gather some of the best Italian fashion designers, perfume manufacturers, and specialized artisans – all with their own unique traditions and crafts. The event was held and organized in one of Florence’s most grand and inaccessible palaces, Palazzo Gondi thanks to Marquise Vittoira Gondi and Cristina Giachi Vice Sindaco of Florence. Our main goal was achieved, to show the world that Italian fashion and craftsmanship, alongside all the already well-established names, is rich in unique talents and know-how of century old traditions.


Barbara Ricci (My Vintage Academy), Bona M. Bonarelli (BM Communications), Mila Anufrieva

Luxury Palace Firenze, the first global conference dedicated to luxury goods on occasion of Conde Nast International under the patronage of the city administration of Florence. This was truly a great honor for which I am eternally grateful. In fact there was a lot of responsibility to take on, as the Palazzo Gondi was to host some of the most influential people of the fashion industry, including leading journalists, business analysts and representatives.

The Palazzo is quite a unique monument, on par with Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Strozzi. However, unlike either of the latter, the palace is privately owned, therefore, it is very difficult to get access to it, as only close friends of this aristocratic family are afforded this luxury. The grandiose space contains unique frescoes and architectural works, and these halls have opened their doors for centuries to an array of elite guests. This year, it is in this very hall that the masters of Italian couture gathered to present their unique individual collections in eveningwear, high-end home decor, auteur perfumes, handmade shoes, jewelry and accessories.


Palazzo Gondi

Arches adorned by Italian paintings and Gondi family crests were the backdrop to the display of luxury goods, all with their own rich history of craftsmanship: Luxury dresses handmade by designers such as Gianni Calignano, Mario Costantino Tripolo, and fashion house Davidson Zanin, Baroni home textiles that use master craftsman to continue the 14th century tradition of Florentine embroidery, and Moleria Locchi Murano glass tableware whose brand history goes back to the 19th century. Auteur Aqua Flor perfumes scented the air, and the imperial atmosphere was topped off by an exquisite reception and dinner by Alta Cucina Corte del Sole, whose own history dates back to 1906.


 Participants and organizators of Luxury palace Firenze


Silvia Orsi Bertolini, Raffaello Napoleone (Pitti Immagine), Mila Anufrieva 


Mario Costantino Triolo, Alexandra Fructuoso (Davidson Zanine), Claudio Marcolli (Swarovski Internazionale d’Italia SpA), Gianni Calignano. 


Isabella Ayoub (Magri), Mila Anufrieva, Gianni Calignano. 


Andrea Panconesi (LuisaViaRoma)


Gianfranco Pampaloni (Pampaloni) 


Alexandra Fructuoso (Davidson Zanine), Mila Anufrieva


Natasha Stefanenko, Mila Anufrieva, Marquise Gondi, Alexandra Fructuoso (Davidson Zanine)


Luca Sabbioni (Laboluxo) and Natasha Stefanenko


Gianni Calignano 


Gianfranco Pampaloni (Pampaloni)  and Maria Buccellati


Marquis Lapo Gondi and Mila Anufrieva


Gianni Calignano, Mila Anufrieva, Alfio Rapisardi, Bona M. Bonarelli


Laurent Chouvet (DBF)


Mila Anufrieva, George Chirigiu (ABC jewellery)


Francesca Migone Boris (Cereria Migone 1866), Bona M. Bonarelli, Barbara Ricci, Marquise Gondi, Mila Anufrieva


Antonella Accordi (Alta Cucina Corte del Sole), Mila Anufrieva


Sara Meucci (Memar)

photo 1 (2)

Francesca Migone Boris (Cereria Migone 1866), Mila Anufrieva

photo 2 (2)

Mario Selicato (La Fioraia), Mila Anufrieva

Our mission was to present the world the top masters of Made in Italy luxury goods, and we succeeded swimmingly. For two days, the Luxury Palace Firenze was visited by an eclectic array of press and distinguished guests from around the world. But now that Luxury Palace Firenze has launched this unique initiative, we are not about to rest on our laurels, this will become a regular event held in various places through out the world, spreading the word of some of the best names of Made in Italy!






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