My Africa: part 2


In July 2015, I saw a very different Africa, not the one that was used to. This occurred in Guinea-Bissau, where from an ordinary business trip the charity project “My Africa” was born.


Other Africa had nothing to do with the one I knew and had seen before: it was not a five-star hotel or entertainment safari. Another Africa is ill and survived after 40years of war. I could not remain indifferent – and no one could, many volunteers called a state of “Africa effect”. Of course, usually during public disorders suffer the weakest segments of the population: women and children. Many kids Guinea-Bissau have been orphaned and living in shelters, one of which I took under custody.


For the second time in Guinea-Bissau, I flew prepared: we bought with my sons toys, personal care products, for the children from the orphanage, which I took under guardianship, nothing happened. Thank you very much friends and associates who have supported me and the project. Thanks to their support we were able to raise funds at the beginning of the renovation of the building in which live kids, and to buy other basic necessities.


With the fund that arrives we buy children’s clothing, school supplies, food. I also accepted the offer of the local authorities and joined the Association of Friends of the Child «Amic». I would like to sincerely thank all those who participated in the project, it is important to me.




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