Pre-Christmas Magic: a charity gala


A charity gala, organized in support of the up-and-coming project, “My Africa”, took place on November 27, at the Vignale Residence in Milan.




The dinner was hosted in one of the most lively and glamorous neighborhoods of the city—an extravagant holiday evening was manifested with the help of two notable event-management agencies, Matrimonio dei Sensi and Tearose; the ambiance of a fairytale Christmas dream engulfed the guests upon entry. Tearose, spurred into existence by Alessandra Rovati Vitali, was originally a small flower shop which later became a business specializing in celebration design and organization.


Mila Anufrieva


Laura Strambi, Mila Anufrieva

Inspiration for the event emanated from Mila Anufrieva, who established her charity foundation, “My Africa”, in July of 2015. Svetlana Voloshina, owner of Laduree Italia, additionally lent an active hand in the coordination of the evening. Distinguished sponsors were engaged under her guidance; their substantial contributions benefited the festivity’s illustrious and joyous atmosphere.


Svetlana Voloshina, Mila Anufrieva, Gabriella Giamminola


Stefania Cuzzeri, Paola Cereda


Vahan Khachatryn, Mila Anufrieva


Mila Anufrieva, Sonia Albertini, Matteo Giovanni Gaiani


Mila Anufrieva, Elena Bugranova

Guests from all over the world graced the halls of the Vignale Residence: among them renowned designers, musicians, architects, masters of art and culture, influential businessmen, and, of course, companions and friends. Highlights of the evening included virtuoso cellist Maxim Beitan and magnificent soprano Olga Romanko, who performed enticing excerpts from pieces of prominent composers.


Maxim Beitan


Olga Romanko


Mila Anufrieva, Irena Barene


Julia Nesterenko, Mila Anufrieva

The banquet was conceptualized and arranged under the supervision of the executive chefs of Tartufotto: a restaurant run by the Savini family, the owners of the truffle business in Tuscany. Savini Tartufi not only treat their restaurant’s patrons to exquisite dishes, but also offer the unique opportunity to experience “truffle hunting” during the season of this exclusive mushroom.fa2

Cristiano Savini



Three stunning evening gowns from the latest collection of the House of Isabella Caposano were presented in the intermission between the aperitivo and the dinner.



Maria Elena Pirone, Isabella Caposano

Venue décor was graciously provided by the niche luxury toiletry (perfume, fragrance) brand, You First.



As a welcome addition to the performances, the evening’s program included an auction, items for which were provided by the donors and masterminds of the fête. All proceeds were donated to a children’s orphanage in Guinea-Bissau.



Laduree Italia contributed exquisite collections of sweets and confectionary from the acclaimed Laduree pâtisserie.


An exclusive tunic from the fashion-forward brand of Mimi Plange—always a hit at the New York Fashion Week—made its way to the celebration all the way from America.

ив 18

Riverton, British jewelry house and a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly diamonds, provided several refined treasures for the bidding. Painter Janna Manska displayed several of her own works, while the owner of the Super boutique in Milan, Julia Nesterenko, auctioned off some of the store’s latest inventory.Distinctly for the connoisseurs, Savini Tartufi presented а selection of limited-edition sets of truffle delicacies.



Extensive gratitude to the coordinators and participants—for the cheerful holiday spirit, the entourage, and for taking part in this in this incredible event!



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