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Beautiful marble: a smooth natural stone, strong and imposing in constitution, yet aesthetically refined and delicate with its subtle veining and nuanced colors . As shown by many ancient monuments and buildings that still exist today, it has long been used and valued throughout history. Ancient Greek temples, grandiose Roman fountains, and divinely sculpted statues clearly boast Europe’s widespread use of marble throughout the centuries. On a smaller scale, it has also always been the stone of choice in many atriums, entrances, foyers, and bathrooms.


The history of marble quarries and usage is most significant in Italy, where it has had a long and proud history. The quarries in the Italian mountain ranges are rich in the world famous stone, much appreciated for its high luster and visual appeal. Originally extracted using chisels and powder explosives, these quarries now utilize every modern technology available. Italians have long used marble in every application, from architecture to art, from countertops to window sills, door jams, and curbs. Needless to say, its use is abundant. Marble from the Apuane mountains was used by Michelangelo to sculpt his masterpieces, he himself even worked directly in the quarries for a short period of time. Given their relationship with the stone, Italians appreciate and truly understand the subtle variety in veining and shading, as well as how the stone changes due to usage, a factor that further adds to its depth and character.


With just the right suppliers to advise you on any particular usage, you can truly make the most of this splendid Italian stone. It is so reliable and versatile that many of the most beautiful interiors in the country are adorned with it. For example, Milan’s Bulgari Hotel, a particular favorite of mine, has recently completely revamped its design, and the new interior extensively revolves around the use of marble. Large slabs of the natural stone line the modern interior, its light tones adding depth and warmth to the upscale, sleek decor. The boutique hotel collaborated with Rigo Marmi, which supplies marble to some of the most upscale facilities throughout the world.

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Not only does this company provide an extensive selection of marble, but its innovative methods simplify the process of transportation and application. This opens up a whole new range of creative possibilities in the world of interior design. In fact, when Tom Ford decided to revamp his exclusive Parisian boutique, a space that occupies more than 350 square meters on three floors, he called upon the very same Rigo Marmi to provide the refined white Carrara marble floors. Set against the ebony furniture, light gray carpets, and crisp white sofas, the result was nothing short of spectacular.


When a company provides a complete service that covers everything from the planning, the production, and the eventual installation, its easy to see why luxe establishments such as Bulgari and Tom Ford choose to incorporate the stone into so much of their decor.




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