St Valentine’s Day with Fratelli Piccini

Day of love has become one of the most favorite celebrations throughout the world by millions of people. Saint Valentine`s Day is a special occasion when we can brightly show our love and express tenderness or passion without being judged in a wrong way- this day allows us to be emotional. Besides, it is the reason to surprise your woman by something she adores- unique and marvelous.


If we speak about originality we deal with Fratelli Piccini – Florentine jewelry brand maintaining the idea of the jewelry which reflects all the aspects of success and love for the creation of the beauty. For all its history Fratelli Piccini became a symbol of the history and the boutique located in Ponte Vecchio in Firenze is a concentration of the events happened around the brand from the 1936 when the brand was recognized in Venetian Biennale to the exhibition in Palazzo Pitti.


Jewels as an art masterpiece depict the world`s beauty in their shapes: “playing” on the light of their sparkling colors they will definitely whisper their magnificent story they bring. Gold and all the precious metals used in this jewelry demonstrate the brand`s philosophy.  History fills every single details in this jewelry history captivating you and not letting you go away.


In this way, Fratelli Piccini is not only the promise of the uniqness and the beauty, it is the history which you can possess.





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