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“Less is more, always unique.” Vittorio Hodara states that his vision was formed because of both culture and an aptitude. The culture is of measured elegance that is shown in intricate detail in the best materials as well as elegant lines. This elegance comes straight from the heart of Milan, where Vittorio’s fabulous showroom is…


Kid’s paradise. PURE SERMONETA

  Every time I want to treat my children, I bring them to kid’s paradise in the heart of Italian Capital, at via Frattina 111. Pure Sermoneta is a high fashion boutique that is exclusively for children. Two floors of incredible shopping space offer sophisticated brands and feature an extensive selection of clothing and accessories…

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Spiga 8 SPA Natura Bissé

If you follow me, you know, that I have been a fan of Baglioni Hotels for quite a while. Since two years ago, when I first hosted my birthday party, followed by fabulous Signora Russa movie premier, documentary based on my story. Recently, Carlton Hotel Baglioni, has announced a new SPA opening. Spiga 8 SPA…

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