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Destination: YOUTH

s you get older, it is important to help protect your skin and reduce the first signs of aging so you look younger longer. During the summer months, sun exposure and high temperatures can cause skin damage, creating a blotchy and uneven skin tone. As the seasons change, harsh winter weather dries out your skin,…


Destination Youth

The world of oxygen therapy has been around for centuries. It is well known for being an effective form of alternative medicine that has been used for everything from headache relief to a possible cure for cancer. The idea behind oxygen therapy is that it introduces substances to your body which are intended to release…



“Less is more, always unique.” Vittorio Hodara states that his vision was formed because of both culture and an aptitude. The culture is of measured elegance that is shown in intricate detail in the best materials as well as elegant lines. This elegance comes straight from the heart of Milan, where Vittorio’s fabulous showroom is…

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