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One day with Isabella

met with Isabella in Milan, the morning before a busy day full of interviews, meetings, and negotiations. Ayu Isabella (Isabela Ayoub) is a beautiful woman and an ambitious entrepreneur, the creator of the luxury bag brand Magrì. She debuted her endeavor in Italy, where in Florence she opened a small production where skilled craftsmen handmake…


A fabulous day in Rome

early December, the prestigious fashion house Fendi kicked off the holiday season by organizing a spectacular event in the heart of Rome.  Fendi hosted a beautiful event at the luxurious Hotel de Russie, where influential members of the fashion world gathered for a magical evening of gourmet cuisine, decadent desserts, and an enviable selection of…


A Perfect Day in Milan

ilan during the holidays becomes even more enchanting and romantic than usual. Twinkling lights hung over the small cobbled streets of the center create a warm and magical atmosphere, and in every piazza you’ll discover some new brightly lit decoration to admire as the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts wafts through the air. In Piazza…


Kid’s paradise. PURE SERMONETA

  Every time I want to treat my children, I bring them to kid’s paradise in the heart of Italian Capital, at via Frattina 111. Pure Sermoneta is a high fashion boutique that is exclusively for children. Two floors of incredible shopping space offer sophisticated brands and feature an extensive selection of clothing and accessories…

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