The “Guardian Angel” of all my most important celebrations.


How time flies…It seems like only yesterday that we celebrated my birthday on Lago Maggiore, and yet it was a whole year ago! Where did the time go? And yet, many things have happened this year, meeting new people, dating and traveling, planning projects. There have been many new beginnings, with many new ones to come. And so, another year another birthday, but at least I know who I can trust to organize the festivities. This year, as always, I meet with Angelo Garin, in order to plan the usual unforgettably fabulous birthday celebration.


At this moment I’m on a plane, which is the perfect place to sit and spend a little time alone, to ponder, reminisce. And so, while thousands of meters above the ground, I wistfully think back to a mosaic of memories set in a warm summer evening of last June: A shimmering sunset over the calm waters of Lago Maggiore, a fresh summer breeze after a sunny, hot day, the feel of a silk dress against my skin, the clink of champagne glasses, music and laughter, kind words from friends….





Angelo, the mastermind behind all of the best celebrations, planned a truly unforgettable evening. He always manages to come up with something new, in the most unique place that perfectly captures the essence of Italian beauty, and sets the tone for a spectacular evening. Certainly no other country in the world can boast so many gorgeous natural backdrops and luxurious villas steeped in rich history. However, the most exclusive and elite locations are accessible to a only a few select people, and lucky for me, Angelo is one of them.


Angelo Garin knows how to create the perfect event: from the choice of exclusive location, where the natural beauty of the scenery harmoniously blends with the intrigue of the venue’s architecture, to the selection of fantastic decorations, mood lighting, color schemes, and proper music. And all topped off with flawless cuisine prepared by some of the best chefs in the world! And who can forget that Angelo’s talent and charm is all in the details, in the antique decor, the watercolor invitations, the personalized tableware and dishes handmade with the finest Murano glass…


I wonder what Angelo has in store for me this year… Preparation is underway, and my “Guardian Angel” of celebrations will surely plan something spectacular!



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