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The lasting beauty. Marvelous projects by Aldo Pesetti

One reason that in ancient times marble became a stone of choice was that is is hard wearing, resistant to scratching, and durable. The lasting beauty of ancient monuments and temples are a testament to this. As it comes in many colors and textures, marble tiles also have an aesthetic beauty that can enhance any setting. These days, a better understanding of the stone, in transporting and in installing it, has widened its use in creating elegant floors, walls, and staircases. It is increasingly used in private residential interiors. For kitchen countertops, it offers a warm, classic look unparalleled by other stones. It brings an unrivaled elegance to the kitchen, and over many years, takes on a patina that only furhter adds to its inherent beauty. A floor finished in simple, thick slabs of marble can give a bathroom a refined, modern look, while an intricate tile pattern lining the walls adds that hint of grandeur and elegance that one never tires of. As a sturdy sink or exquisitly crafted bathtub, it can have an almost sculptural effect. As a fireplace mantle, handrail of an elegant front entrance, or grand staircase in a foyer, the natural beauty of marble can turn a dull, simple home into a modern, fresh palace.


Take a look, for example, at the exquisite staircase of Florence’s Fendi Boutique. Smooth Travertino Navona marble stairs seems to effortlessly float up to the ceiling. The structure and weight of the material is balanced with delicate glass panels and modern neon illumination. Aldo Pesetti was the marble specialist behind this exceptional architectural project. This unique stone company has been working in the field for over fifty years, and specializes in highlighting the stone’s natural qualities in order to use it to its truest artistic potential. They understand that the unusual properties of the stone, its lightness and variety of nuances and veining, can create dazzling effects when effectively paired with creative interior design projects. The expertise and accessibility of this company makes the beauty of marble available to all kinds of interior and exterior design endeavors, from the columns of an administrative building, to sleek staircases in chic fashion boutiques, to lovely fireplaces in refined private residences.

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