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True works of art. Rubeus Milano


Having a crocodile leather handbag has always been considered a mark of luxury. The rare leather of exotic reptiles makes such bags highly exclusive and coveted. Today, even leading fashion houses tend to create only a single model of, say, an alligator handbag, as working this type of leather is very labor intensive, and the cost of the product exceeds the value of the underlying product. This is where Rubeus Milano comes in, a terrific Italian brand that produces an array of bags in rare crocodile.


Bags of exotic reptile leather have always been considered only a privilege of the aristocracy, as no one else could afford them. Crocodile leather is quite rare, its value is measured not by the square meter, as with normal leather, but by the square centimeter, as working the material takes an intensive amount of professionalism. Processing the leather is done exclusively by hand, and the slightest mistake can cause the material to be irreparably damaged. In fact, many brands today slyly substitute crocodile skin with cheaper and lower quality caiman leather. Some brands even resort to simulating the look with crocodile skin flakes. Needless to say, that is no substitute for the luxury of an authentic crocodile product.


Young designer Natalia Bondarenko is convinced that this type of exotic bag is not just an accessory, but a piece of art, created to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation. This is why Natalia decided to establish her own brand: to create not just beautiful accessories, but handbags that double as prized jewels, all produced in reptile leather and exclusively made in Italy. Thus, in 2013, the brand Rubeus was born, conquering not only Mila’s attention, but that of many Italian fashionistas.


Rubeus bags are true works of art: luxurious and at the same time elegant and refined. No surprise here, the use of such expensive and rich materials don’t require much additional decoration, as the bag’s beauty speaks for itself. Classic design meets clean lines and stunning saturated colors in these exquisite Rubeus collections. In addition to traditional black, brown, and dark green colors, Natalia uses bright yellow, deep blue, and coral color variations, making handbags that are stylish and fresh.


Considering the beauty of these handbags, it goes without saying that there is much anticipation for the Rubeus brand to launch its line of shoes, and you can certainly count on to keep you up to date on this young designer’s exciting new projects.

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