Valentina & Valentia: Running on the waves


The whisper of the wind in the mountains and the sound of the sea at sunset; long road in the moonlit night and the starry sky in August; a classical music concert in the ancient theater and art exhibition in some small Paris museum; the smell of jasmine in the garden and the aroma of strong espresso in a Roman café … every moment in life gives inspiration. Just look around to realize that miracles happen every moment – and nothing else happens. Valentina & Valentia.


Valentina & Valentia – a young brand created by three bright women. Valentina, Elena, and Milena – three generations of a wonderful family. Strong and successful, these women know how to be a lady in a tough man’s world. The clothes they create brand Valentina & Valentia expresses their essence and philosophy of life. The main thing in life – that’s the beauty – they say – beauty in the broadest sense of the word. It starts with beautiful thoughts and good intentions, and continues in the way we live, what we surround ourselves and how to look. That is why in the first place Valentina, Elena and Milena want to surround yourself with beauty and harmony. And what can be harmoniously and naturally to women than flying skirts and delicate dresses? That dress, not trousers, opened in women the most pristine energy that turns us into goddesses.


Woman from Valentina & Valentia – soft and gentle, with a strong and resolute. She knows what she wants and achieves its goals – softly, almost playfully wrapping each step ease and feminine charm. It is enough to leave the house in the flying silks from Valentina & Valentia, to feel: a measured charm and sensual energy – the main weapon of the modern woman.


Fashion images from Valentina & Valentia very original and organic, their femininity is a force, and their modern – a bit of nostalgia, like a drop of French perfume on her wrist. Summer – the best time to try on a fine collection of Valentina & Valentia and go to decorate the world. Follow me, I’ll show you the best …



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