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Vittorio Hodara at the IFFT Interior Lifestyle Living in Tokyo


We all know that interior design follows a variety of trends. Just as in fashion every brand creates something of its own, so too in architecture each designer brings different ideas and styles into the mix. One can clearly see that the main trends in modern design are functionalism and ergonomics. Designers are increasingly paying attention to the practicality of furniture, preferring streamlined, ergonomic forms over more complicated, intricate shapes.

Despite this, many Italian design houses continue to be attracted to the glamour and luxury of traditional furniture styles. We today still see many Italian designers incorporating luxurious materials such as gold leaf, exotic wood, velvet, and marble into their interior collections.


Here’s where Milanese designer Vittorio Hodara stands out. His unique style seems to be a fascinating fusion that combines classic details with cutting-edge design ideas. Different elements and textures are incorporated into his interior collection, where futuristic streamlined shapes are combined with natural materials to create a sense of modernity and comfort. In his signature style, Hodara does not sacrifice comfort in the name of modernism.


Here, at the IFFT Interior Lifestyle Living exhibition in Tokyo, Hodara presented a variety of original pieces that underline his aptitude for clean lines and warm, natural materials. His moai chair, for example, is made of solid wood with a seat wrapped in rich leather, a synergy between bold, modern forms and warm, comforting materials.

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His oblò stand uses various surprising finishes and elements as part of a continuing research on unique materials and colors, making each single piece original and inimitable.

A star of the exposition was Hodara’s abbraccio chair: a plexi-glass base combined with a wood seat, or fabulously covered in various materials such as leather, cotton, velvet and even denim. The transparency of the plexi-glass playfully contrasts with the boldness of the soft materials, creating a structure that is both ergonomically comfortable and aesthetically exquisite.




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