Women’s Day with Fratelli Piccini

Every year the 8th of March is the main celebration of the women all round the world. It is the occasion when loving and caring men are able to show their protection over female and make them happy. However, where comes an essential question- how to treat your beloved woman and what to present? Here we have an advice.


Fratelli Piccini 

It is not a secret and we all know that all the women, no matter what nationality or age, love diamonds and jewelry. Sparkling, unique and luxurious. It will not only be a thing to wear, it is a sign of personality representing style and philosophy of any female.


Fratelli Piccini 

Fratelli Piccini is a unique brand holding its history for 112 years as a family brand providing high- class jewelry for those who always want the best or nothing.  Artisan style of jewel meets incredible design in order to impress and reflect all the beauty kept in the matter of precious stones and metals. With creations of Fratelli Piccini every woman is able to feel unique and elegant in the highest level.


Fratelli Piccini 

Through the collections of the brand you can find both modern items and more traditional and proved by time ones representing brand`s purpose to combine all the best in their creations. Authentic made- in- Florence brand is born to be woman`s dream to come true.


Fratelli Piccini 



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