Everyone knows that a trip to Paris is a chance to experience the subtle romance and creative culture that are at the very essence of the City of Lights. The vivid excitement of the city is further apparent when visiting the professional fashion fair Tranoi, which takes place twice a year during Paris Fashion Week. In the midst of this eclectic and buzz-worthy event, one designer that particularly stood out was the incredibly talented Gilbert Halaby.

Needless to say, with its array of extraordinary shows put on for professionals and insiders of the industry, Fashion Week entails a lot of work. The creation of each collection is a big job, so it is extremely important for the designer that the show go off without a hitch. So obviously, when it comes to preparing his stellar Autumn/Winter collection, one can only imagine how many sleepless nights Gilbert Halaby spent meticulously prepping every detail. Of course when you have the opportunity to present your collection at Tranoi, a fashion event that attracts professionals from all around the world, it is clear that everything has to be more than perfect.


Tranoi buzzes with a creative energy, it is almost like a playground where designers can express their unique talents, establish useful contacts, and discuss their brand with the world’s leading fashion journalists. Here one can find exquisite men and women’s designer wear, dazzling accessories, and one of a kind jewelry that arrives from Europe, America, and Asia.

Gilbert Halaby’s 2015-2016 Autumn/Winter collection was received with great enthusiasm, attracting the attention of leading glossy magazines, such as the prestigious Italian Vogue. Indeed, Halaby is so unique that his work cannot be confused with anyone else’s. And as promised by the designer himself, his winter collection was a fresh explosion of color.



In contrast to the traditionally discreet pieces presented during the Winter season, Halaby fills his collection with vibrant colors that light up the runways. His deep yellow and scarlet crimson handbags almost remind one of a colorful French macaron: bright, delicious, and very flirty. The collection includes both cocktail evening handbags: clutches and long chain models, as well as roomy shoppers for the every day. And to top it all off we have Halaby’s signature prints – charming Japanese characters and images appearing on bold and cheerful backgrounds. And, of course, inside each handbag is the designer’s cult message – “You Look Gorgeous!” Now what woman wouldn’t like to hear that every day?

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